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Our Understanding Of Special Education Procedures Combined With Our Extensive Professional Experience Creates A Quality Approach To Individual Evaluation And Special Education Program Planning.




EVALUATION: Our individual student evaluations meet all requirements that maintain optimum compliance and are designed to identify patterns of strengths and weaknesses. Students are evaluated using a variety of assessment tools to determine the existence of possible learning disabilities or other developmental disorders.  Types of evaluations include:
  • Testing for Initial Referrals

  • Testing for Re-evaluations

  • Dyslexia Testing


CONSULTATION:  We have extensive knowledge of special education evaluation standards and program compliance. 

Types of consultation services include:


  • Consultation  with school staff prior to ARD meetings

  • Participation in ARD meetings to present evaluation results and assist with IEP development

  • Special Education Program Review

  • Special Education File Audits

  • ARD Facilitation

  • Educational Diagnostician Coaching

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