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Joyce F. Jackson, M.S.

Joyce F. Jackson is a retired special education administrator whose career in education has spanned 34 years.  She received her B.A. degree in Special Education from Dillard University in New Orleans, LA..  Her M.S. degree was earned from Southwest Texas State University along with an Educational Diagnostician certification.  She later completed Mid-Management and Supervision certifications from Texas Womens University. Her vast experience and knowledge has allowed her to gain expertise in the areas of educating special needs students, as well as understanding rules and regulations associated with the delivery of quality  services.  She has served in a variety of positions from the classroom to administration which include:


  • General & Special Education teacher (Elem. & Middle School)

  • Registered Educational Diagnostician (RPED #1926)

  • Homebound teacher

  • Special Education Evaluation Specialist

  • Special Education Coordinator


  • College Adjunct Professor

  • Special Education Area Operations Director

  • Director of Individual Evaluation

  • Executive Director of Special Education

Janice Curry, M.S.

Janice Curry has retired after 40 years with a wealth of knowledge in the educational field. She graduated from Tennessee State University with a B.S. degree in Education. Her from Texas A&M University includes an Educational Diagnostician, Mid-Management and Principal certifications.  In addition, she is also a Registered Professional Educational Diagnostician, which is a premier national credential for special education assessment professionals who hold high standards of practice.  Her educational career has allowed her to develop the ability to be an effective instructor, a successful leader, and excellent communicator. Her goal has always been to expand her services and talents for the betterment of children. Some of her contributions include:


  • General Education teacher (Elem./Middle School)              

  • Reading Improvement Instructor

  • Special Education teacher (Elem. School)

  • Registered Educational Diagnostician (RPED # 1646)

  • Trainer in various areas

  • Lead/Supervisor for Educational Diagnosticians

  • Workshop presenter/facilitator

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